Registration is currently closed, please return on Wednesday April 29 at 2:00 PM EST as the TNG Worldwide DIAMOND PARTNER application will be available then.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a TNG WORLDWIDE DIAMOND PARTNER. This is the greatest opportunity of your lifetime as a professional in the beauty business.

As a DIAMOND PARTNER, you will receive these benefits:


  • You never pay shipping on any size order ($3.95 applicable)
  • Your orders are processed for priority shipping. We will do our best to ship all orders received by 3:00PM same day
  • You have unlimited access to the TNG WORLDWIDE COMPANY STORE
  • You will receive distributor pricing on all TNG Worldwide and Kemon products
  • You receive discounts on select high demand PPE products
    • 20% discount on nitrile gloves, face masks, face shields and hand sanitizers 
  • You have access to the DIAMOND PARTNER email box for special requests and needs
  • You have full access to the Kemon education team via email and ZOOM
  • You have full access to the EMMA Beauty education team via email and ZOOM
  • You get to participate in our exclusive partnership with Nespresso, the finest coffee in the world. Their Zenius machine makes fresh steamed coffee that is better than Starbucks. The unit sells for $499.95 and the pods for $1.25 each. DIAMOND PARTNERS can purchase the Zenius unit for $99.95 and pods from $37.50 per box of 50 ($.75). Best yet, you can order the machine and pods with your TNG orders.




Your Primary Business is Mani's & Pedi's

  • EMMA Beauty must be your primary brand used for all mani's and pedi's. This includes full line of professional products (powder dips optional)
  • Retail products for resale are optional 
  • You can supplement your EMMA Beauty product offerings with other brands. These include:
    • Proprietary products that you private label such as lotions, scrubs, butters or that you import from the U.K. or Europe
    • Other brands that make products not available through TNG 
  • Phase-in period is 30 days after application approved. This means you can continue to use the brands you are using and transition to EMMA Beauty based on your timeline. You must place an opening order for at least $100 per nail station of assorted EMMA Beauty products

Your Primary Business is Mani's & Pedi's AND Depilatory

  • All the above plus you must use Too Naked products as your primary depilatory brand. You can use a secondary brand of your choice
  • Phase-in period is 30 days after application approved 

Your Primary Business is Depilatory

  • You must use Too Naked products as your primary depilatory brand. You can use a secondary brand of your choice 
  • Phase-in period is 30 days after application approved 

Your Primary Business Is Hair

  • Kemon must be your primary hair color brand. This includes hair color and lightening. Kemon care and styling products are optional
  • You will pay distributor pricing for all products, for example:
    • Cramer color tube $5.00 
    • Developer 33.9 oz $3.65 
    • You will also receive 10% discount on all foil sheets
  • You can use a secondary color brand that is approved. Approved brands are those brands that are not sold directly through Amazon or Ulta to protect your investment as a hairdresser
  • Phase-in period is 60 days after application approved.

Your Primary Business is Full Service

  • You are required to adhere to all rules set forth above 

Your Primary Business is Lashes

  • EcoLash must be your primary lash tint. You cannot use the following brands:
  • Phase-in period is 30 days

Your Primary Business is Massage, Skin Care, Med Spa

  • There are no product requirements 




I am a booth renter. Do I qualify?

Yes, all licensed professionals of the beauty industry qualify.

Is there a minimum amount I have to buy each year?

No, we understand many professionals work part time and some are busier than others. However, you must order at least $99 monthly or your account will be suspended.

Will you offer sales?

No, our products never go on sale allowing you to buy as you need and never need to hoard to save money.

Will you offer volume discounts?

No, all customers pay the same price regardless of volume.

Do I have to pay residential shipping fees if I work from home?

Yes, $3.95 will be added to your invoice.

Will Diamond Partners have their own website to order?

Diamond Partners go to

What if you are out of stock on key items from EMMA Beauty, Too Naked or Kemon? Can I buy other brands to carry me over until you are back in stock?

Yes, we will also do our best to stay in stock.

Can my clients buy on

Yes, the store is open to everyone. However, they will pay retail prices for EMMA Beauty and Too Naked products. They will not be able to buy Kemon products.

Can I sell your products online? 

You can sell EMMA Beauty and Kemon hair care products on your website. 

Is TIS REWARDS still active?

No, we are offering DIAMOND PARTNER as our exclusive membership program. 

If I was a TIS REWARDS Member, do I automatically qualify for DIAMOND PARTNER?

No, you still have to apply. 

How long will it take to process my application?

Please allow one business day.



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