ForPro Professional Collection ForPro Single Use Ear Loop Mask, Blue, 50-Count Box

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• Disposable Face Mask: Our latex-free face masks provide 3-layer protection. The face feature soft non-woven, highly absorbent fabric in the inner side for comfort. The outside layer is made up of non-woven, fluid-resistant fabric and the middle layer has melt-blown fabric filter for better filtration of air 
FDA Certified Masks: Our masks are FDA certified and have a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 94%
3-Ply Breathable Protection: Facial masks fit both adults and children. Stretchable, soft elastic ear loops and adjustable nose piece allow the mask to fit easily and comfortably on the face for maximum comfort, protection and ease-of-use. Face masks offer very low resistance to breathing due to pleats and non-woven fabric
Hypoallergenic Face Mask: Disposable masks are recommended to be worn for a maximum duration of 8 hours at a time. Use fingers to gently lift each loop on the right and left side of the facemasks to open the loops and put on the mask around the ears. As these face masks are not reusable, we recommend to fold-tie-wrap and dispose of them properly 
Full Face Mask: Lightweight face masks are non-irritating to the skin since they are made from breathable, soft and comfortable fabric and are perfect for general outdoor, indoor, schools, offices, home and travel use
 Comfortable Face Masks: Facial masks feature elastic ear loops, moldable nose piece and adjustable 3 layered fabric. Breathable face masks are blue in color and come in a 50-count box. Masks are 7” L x 3.75” W in size 

ForPro Single Use Ear Loop Mask offers maximum comfort, protection, and ease-of-use. The 3-ply construction with soft, fluid-resistant, non-woven outer layers and highly absorbent inner layers protect against pollen, dust, and additional free radicals and airborne particles. Each mask provides very low resistance to breathing due to the soft, high quality non-woven fabric. The strong elastic loops secure mask around the ears without irritating skin and the flexible nose bar enclosed by non-woven material ensures perfect seal and fit around all face shapes and sizes. Masks are hypoallergenic, latex, fiberglass-free and non-irritating to sensitive skin. 

Level 2 (ASTM F2100-11); Type IIR (EN14683)

ForPro Professional Collection features the highest quality, best value, and largest selection for professionals and consumers. All products include 100% unconditional guarantee.

• Highest quality 3-ply masks
• 94+% bacterial infiltration
• Recommended for continuous use four hours

For Pro Ear Loop Mask

Q: Are these masks hypoallergenic? 
A: Yes, the ForPro Single Use Ear Loop Masks are hypoallergenic. 

Q: When wearing this mask, is it difficult to breathe?
A: No, it is not difficult to breathe. These masks have a low resistance to breathing due to the material that is used to produce them, as well as the pleading           that was incoroporated. 

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