Pure Essential Oil Works Serenity LED Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, Diffuses Essential Oils with Cool Mist, Adjustable Mist Options, Four Time Setting Options, Auto Shut-Off and Seven LED Light Colors

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• Two mist options: High and low
• Seven LED light colors (soft or bright), fixed or gradually cascade
• 16.9 ounces (500 milliliters) water capacity to keep running quietly up to 12 hours in intermittent mode, 9 hours in continuous mode
• Four time setting options: 60 minutes/120 minutes/180 minutes and continuous on
• Includes AC/DC adapter and refill cup
• Auto shut-off
• One-year limited warranty
• 6.5” Round x 4.75” H
• BPA free

Pure Essential Oil Works Serenity LED Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser features ultrasonic technology that diffuses cold essential oils as a fine micro-particle mist. Purifies air, generating negative ions to remove pollutants, bacteria, fine dust, smoke and viruses. Helps to relieve depression, stress, fatigue and allows for better sleep. Please note: Essential oils are not included.

The unit also purifies air generating negative ions to remove pollutants, bacteria, fine dust, smoke and viruses. Helps to relieve depression, stress, fatigue and allows for better sleep. The extra large water tank holds up to 500 ml of water -- nearly seven times more than conventional models. This assures up to 10 hours of continuous use before refilling.

The unit features two mist options (high and low), three light options (on/off, soft, bright), seven light colors (white, green, red, yellow, blue, aqua, purple) and four timer settings (60, 120, 180 minutes and continuous). Light colors can be fixed or gradually faded through all colors. Features auto shut-off when water runs out. 100% quiet, the unit can be used without aromatherapy oils to add moisture to air. Includes AC adapter and water refill cup.

• "" 6.5"" Round x 4.75""H
• One year limited warranty
• Essential oils not included
• Use filtered water for best results

After using the diffuser for 5-6 times or 3-5 days, clean the diffuser as follows:
1. Disconnect the power and remove the cover.
2. Drain the rest of the water from the unit’s drain side .
3. Use a gentle diluted kitchen detergent on a damp cloth to clean the unit.
4. If the air outlet is dirty inside, remove the cover to clean it. See figure at right.
5. Do not use benzene ethanol or any other medical cleaner.

In order to avoid damage to the diffuser, DO NOT:
1. Disassemble, alter or repair the unit. If the product needs repairing, please return to the retailer or contact the manufacturer.
2. Twist, puncture or stretch the cord of the power adaptor, put the power cord at the high temperature area or under heavy items that may bend or squash the cord.
3. Use the product if the power lead has been damaged or the socket is loose or there is an abnormal odor or noise coming from the unit.
4. Soak the unit in water or use in a wet area such as a bathroom or greenhouse or touch when hands are wet.
5. Fill the unit directly from a water tap – instead use the measuring up to fill from tap then pour water accurately and safely into the unit.
6. Place the unit where the mist will be dispensed directly onto furniture, electrical devices, clothes, ceilings or walls.
7. Place in direct sun or any other high temperature areas or alternatively near an air conditioner or fan.
8. Place on an unstable surface or move during operation.
9. Place on electrical appliances such as a TV or audio equipment.
10. Cover the unit or block the mist outlet or air inlet.
11. Allow children to use the product. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
12. Continuously use the unit for more than 600 minutes. Please cool down for 60 minutes before turning on again.

If experiencing trouble operating your device, please check the following before contacting the retailer or manufacturer for repair.

There is no mist coming out of the unit or the mist is abnormal.

1. Is the water level high enough in the reservoir?
- Add more water to the reservoir. If that water level is over the indicated limit, this
may cause the unit to act inconsistently.
2. Is the internal ultrasonic atomizer dirty?
- Clean the inside of the unit (refer to “Maintenance”).
3. Is the base inlet clogged with dust?
- Clean the inside of the base inlet (refer to “Maintenance”).
4. Are the cover and base aligned?
- The dot indicator on the bottom of the cover must line up with the dot on the base of the unit in order for the mist to be emitted properly.

When you turn the unit on, it powers off within one second.

1. Is there water in the reservoir? Or is the water level high enough?
- Add water to the resovoir.
2. Is the AC adaptor connected properly?
- Pull the DC socket from the unit and connect it again.

Water is leaking from the unit.

1. Is the cover fitted properly?
- Remove the cover fully and then refit to the unit.
2. Is there too much water in the unit?
- Check the water level inside. If it has exceeded the maximum waterline (500 ml), pour out excess water from the drain side.
3. Is the water running too high or too low in temperature?
- Remove the cover and see if there are vapor drops inside. If so, allow the temperature of the unit to rest for 60 minutes before turning on again.

Please read the instructions and safety tips before use. Your diffuser comes with a one-year limited warranty. If for any reason you need service, please call 800-520-6000.

This aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to mist the water without heat for the most beneficial results.

How to Operate
1. Put the unit in stable position, remove the cover according to vertical direction. See Figure 1.
2. Attach the AC plug to the DC-IN jack on the bottom of the unit. See Figure 2.
3. Add clean water to the water tank using a measuring cup without exceeding the maximum waterline of 700 ml. DO NOT refill while the unit is in operation. DO NOT use hot water or mineral water.
4. Add fragrance oil into the water (Advice one drop oil per 100 ml water). Use more or less oil depending on the level of intensity you prefer. See Figure 3.
5. Put the cover back on the unit, rotate the cover to adjust the mist outlet to the right position. DO NOT switch on the unit without the cover shielding the water tank.
6. Attach the AC adapter plug to power outlet.
7. Press the “MIST” button to switch on, set the desired duration, choose from 60 mins, 120 mins, 180 mins or on (keep working until water is gone). The unit will power off automatically when it reaches the timer. Please hold “MIST” button if you need to turn it off. See Figure 4.
8. Press the “Light” button to select the LED light to turn on or off or to adjust the intensity of the light (strong/weak) and to change the color. See Figure 5.
9. Press “HIGH/LOW” to adjust the spray intensity. (Strong or weak). See Figure 6.
10. When not in use for an extended period, pour any remaining water from the reservoir before storing it in a cool and dry place.
11. If the water level inside the unit runs too low, the unit will automatically stop operating, even if you activate the “MIST” button.
12. The light also will turn off when the operating time of the unit is up.

• The maximum operating time of the unit is 600 minutes (10 hours).
• The concentration of the mist may vary. This is normal.
• Different water, humidity, temperature and airflow will impact mist intensity slightly. Use filtered water for best results.
• The unit CANNOT be activated without water inside the reservoir. There will be a warning sound of “B-B-B” when the “MIST” button is pressed.
• Only use 100% pure natural aroma essential oil.
• Clean diffuser after use and before changing to another essential oil.

Accidental Spillage
In case of accidental spillage during operation:
1. Disconnect the power supply and then remove the cover.
2. Pour out the rest of the water entirely from the unit’s drain side.
3. Shake the unit lightly to pour out the water from the drain outlet and allow 24 hours to dry before resuming use.

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