Quick Heat Therapeutic Paraffin Kit

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Paraffin Wax Works Quick Heat Therapeutic Paraffin Kit includes everything you need for at-home paraffin dips. Paraffin offers deep moisturization to heal dry cracked skin, relief for sore joints and muscles and ultimate relaxation.

• 45-minute quick heat paraffin bath with low and high settings
• Three pounds Lavender infused paraffin
• Two thermal mitts
• 50 liners
• Safety tray

Holds up to five pounds of paraffin wax.

1. Do not use outdoors or near water.
2. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
3. Always keep paraffin wax at minimum level to prevent burning.
4. For best results, refill Unit with Paraffin Wax Works paraffin beads.
5. Do not melt paraffin wax in a microwave oven.

• Model # 301476
• Volume 5 pounds
• Wattage 180W
• Voltage 110V/60Hz
• Temperature 158° F

Limited Warranty Paraffin Wax Works offers a one-year limited warranty for defects only. Not responsible for Unit due to negligence, dropping, outdoor use or operating near water. If you experience any issues with the Unit please contact us at 800-520-6000. Do not contact or return to the retailer that you purchased from. In case of warranty replacement, please have your proof of purchase available.

Please follow these simple instructions and precautions before operating the unit. The unit comes with a one-year limited warranty. If for any reason you have questions or issues, please contact us toll-free 800-520-6000.

1. Please place the Unit on safe and flat surface before using it.
2. Plug the Unit into a grounded outlet.
3. Place the safety tray inside of the unit.
4. Add 3 pounds of Paraffin Wax Works paraffin wax to Unit. The Unit will hold a total of
5 pounds.
5. Turn the switch to Hi. Allow up to 45 minutes for full melting of wax to take place.
Once wax is melted you can change to Low if you have heat sensitivity.
6. Clean hands thoroughly. For first time users, gently dip one finger into paraffin to
experience the warmth sensation. Then gently dip hand into unit keeping fingers
straight, palm first. Remove hand immediately and allow excess wax to drip off.
Repeat twice.
7. Immediately wrap hand with Paraffin Wax Works plastic liner. Then cover plastic liner
with thermal mitts. Repeat with other hand. Note: Can also be used on feet. Can
also be used on elbows. When using on body, always use a brush to apply paraffin
to skin.
8. Allow up to 20 minutes for paraffin to moisturize the skin. This will help blood
circulation, increase oxygen supply to the blood and help stimulate the vitality of cells
improving metabolism.
9. After 20 minutes, remove thermal mitt. Then remove plastic liner starting at the wrist
and gently pull down off the hand taking as much paraffin wax as possible. For best
results do not reuse paraffin wax.
10. After treatment, turn off the power and pull plug from outlet. Wax will harden and
be good for next use.
11. For optimal results, do treatments at least weekly.

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