ForPro Premium Massage Table, Black Color

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• Ergonomic Operation: The portable spa bed features a foldable design that is easy to carry and transport. Cushion bed is made from water-resistant PU vinyl upholstery for maximum comfort. Includes a patented cradle lock cable system that prevents side wobble or rocking
• Height-Adjustable Headrest: The headrest, also face cradle, is adjustable for different heights or angles. The headrest adopts a quick-fix locking device, through which the angle of the headrest can be adjusted
• Excellent Workmanship: The professional facial bed is constructed featuring a frame made from European beach wood that is special surface painted. Headrest cradle sits on a durable aluminum frame and the spongy cushion foam density is 22+24 compared to the average cushion foam which is 20+20, making it more comfortable. Selected materials and excellent workmanship give you a comfortable experience and a professional service
• Easy To Fold And Unfold Massage Bed: Spa bed is easy to carry and transport due to its foldable design. No tools needed. Includes Reiki massage end panels and carry bag
• Foldable And Portable Massage Table: The foldable and portable design is convenient for carrying and storing. The entire massage bed can be folded into a portable case with clasp locks and carry handle
• Massage Spa Bed Dimensions: 24.8” to 34.6” H X 30” W x 73” L; Weight: 6 lbs., Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

ForPro Premium Massage Table is constructed of European beech wood and includes adjustable aluminum headrest, Reiki massage end panels and carry bag. The patented cradle lock cable system prevents side wobble or rocking. Table cover and foam are made from water-resistant PU leather upholstery with 2.5” of multi-layer foam for comfort. Sets up easily and folds for storage or transport.

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1. Unlace the buckle and then open the table so that it is standing on the rubber foot side. Take the accessories from underneath the table.

2. Pull out the right and left pair of legs and straighten each joint.

3. Lift the table up until all four legs are on the floor.

4. Lift one end of the table and pull out to open the table fully.

5. Insert both right/left headrest sticks with headrest into the holes of the headrest bushing plate.

6. Fix the knob of the headrest.

7. Put the headrest cushion onto the headrest.

8. Now the table is ready for use.

Adjusting the table height:
Step 1: Lay the table on the rubber foot side and the remove both leg knobs.

Step 2: Remove the lower leg and then place the lower leg back onto the upper leg to the desired holes for adjusting the height of the table.

Step 3: Tighten both leg knobs after adjustment.

NOTE: Adjust all of the four legs to the same height.

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