ForPro Professional Collection ForPro Premium Heated Mitts

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• Features two high/low temperature settings and quick heating
• Heat opens pores and aids with penetration of moisturizers to skin
• Stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes skin for softer, healthier looking hands
• Oversized to fit all hand sizes
• Recommend to use with ForPro Cozies Hand Liners
• 13” L x 7” W
• One-year limited warranty

ForPro Premium Heated Mitts provide a fabulous spa experience prior to any spa service. Features two temperature settings and quick heating. The heat aids in the penetration of moisturizers to skin on hands and feet. Oversized to fit all sizes. Recommend using with ForPro Cozies Liners.

Product Specifications:
Mitts: 13” L x 7” W
Cord: 12” L from mitt to mitt
Outlet cord: 6’ L from mitt to outlet

ForPro Professional Collection features the highest quality, best value, and largest selection for professionals and consumers. All products include 100% unconditional guarantee.

Safety Instructions:
To reduce risk of burns, electric shock and fire, this product must be used in accordance with the following instructions. Please read carefully.
• Do not use while sleeping.
• Keep away from children. Do not use on an infant.
• Do not use on on an invalid, unconscious person, or person with poor blood circulation, unless carefully attended.
• Do not use on areas of insensitive skin.
• Burns can occur regardless of control setting. Check skin under pad frequently.
• Be sure to use with a disposable plastic liner.
• Do not use pins or other metallic means to fasten this product in place.
• Do not sit on or crush pad and avoid sharp folds.
• Never pull product by electrical cord or use as a handle.
• Carefully examine inside of mitt before each use. Discard if it shows signs of deterioration.
• This product has a polarized plug (one blade wider than the other) as a safety feature. Plug fits polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully into outlet, reverse plug. If it still does not fit, contact a licensed electrician. Do not attempt to force the plug.

To Use:
1. Mitts have high and low temperature settings and OFF. Prior to each use turn the switch to the high position and let them heat for 15 minutes.
2. Remove all polish from hands.
3. Apply cuticle formula and/or hand cream and massage thoroughly over hands and fingers.
4. Insert hands into ForPro Cozies liners or plastic wrap. 
5. Insert hands with liners into oversized heated mitts.
6. Lower the heat setting to low.
7. Leave hands in mitts for 15 minutes.

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