ForPro Professional Collection ForPro Premium Cotton Rounds 600-Count (Pack of 6 - 100 Cotton Rounds)

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• 100% pure, natural cotton
• Non-tearing, lint-free, and durable
• Soft, extra thick, and absorbent cotton rounds
• Embossed floral print design  
• Ideal for removing cosmetics and nail polish
• Perfect for applying toners, astringents, and facial cleansers
• 2.25” in diameter
• 600-count (pack of 6 - 100 cotton rounds)

ForPro Premium Cotton Rounds are made from 100% pure, natural cotton. They are 100% lint-free and feature embossed floral print on both sides that binds all layers together so cotton does not separate. The extra thick cotton rounds do not come apart during use. The multi-layer design allows for fast absorbency and helps remove oil, makeup, nail polish, and other impurities, making the removal process an effective, easy, and comfortable experience. Cotton rounds are also perfect for applying lotions, creams, toners, astringents, masks, and facial cleansers.

ForPro Professional Collection features the highest quality, best value, and largest selection for professionals and consumers. All products include 100% unconditional guarantee.

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