Original full-size toothbrush Individually wrapped. 144-ct.

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READYBRUSH Original full-size toothbrush contains water-activated toothpaste in the soft bristles. Individually wrapped. 144-ct. Enjoy clean teeth and fresh breath anytime, anywhere with ReadyBrush.

ReadyBrush is a full size toothbrush with refreshing mint toothpaste bonded to the soft, end-rounded and polished DuPont Tynex nylon bristles. Activate the refreshing mint toothpaste by just wetting the bristles! Each brush is individually wrapped and hermetically sealed. Manufactured in the USA, only ReadyBrush offers you the quality of a national brand toothbrush, the convenience of being prepasted and the affordability of disposable pricing.  Each ReadyBrush proudly displays the American Dental Association seal of acceptance.

Perfect for travel, ReadyBrush is “airline friendly” and was featured on the Today Show as “the travel brush”. Freshen up while working late or best of all pack ReadyBrush in your carry-on bag for business travel. For your personal use, ReadyBrush is perfect for pocket or purse, unexpected guests, biking, hiking,boating, school and more!   ReadyBrush can even help prevent the spread of germs and re-infection during cold and flu season! ReadyBrush provides one toothpaste application, however the brush may be reused as often you would like.


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Manufacturer TNG Worldwide
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