Non-Contact Electronic Infrared Thermometer

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ForPro Non-Contact Electronic Infrared Thermometer quickly displays temperature readings in less than one second. Interval between readings is 3-5 seconds.

Additional features include:
• Large screen LCD backlight display
• One button, easy-to-operate measurement
• Accuracy up to .4F
• Can store up to 5 measurements
• High fever alarm setting
• Non-contact distance is 1-2 inches
• Automatic shutdown after 15 seconds
• Two AAA batteries not included
• FDA certificate, CE certificate

Size: 6” x 3”
Weight: 6 oz. 

ForPro Thermometer

Instructions for Use
Correct use is the key to measure accuracy, otherwise it may cause measurement error. As the Infrared temperature measurement has serious demand on the surrounding environment, please follow the following instructions.

In the shutdown state, press the “switch/measure” button to start the machine, and the LCD screen will fully display for 1 second, and “-- °C or --° F “will be displayed to indicate that the machine is in standby state (if there is no button operation within about 30 seconds of standby time, the product will automatically shut down or shut down after pressing the ”switch/measure“ button for more than 3 seconds).

In standby mode, press “On/Off/measure” key measurement to start, when the LCD screen display temperature or after the end of the prompt sound to complete the measurement, the time is about 1 second.

1. The product cannot be moved away from the position of measuring temperature before the measurement is completed.
2. When taking the temperature, the product should be pointed to the center of the front forehead – above the brow center and kept vertical. The measuring area should not be covered by hair. The distance between the product and the forehead is recommended to be about 1 - 2 inches (3 - 5cm). If you can not measure forehead, it is recommended to use the body surface without exposure (such as chest or abdomen).
3. When the measured person comes from a place where there is a big difference with the measured ambient temperature, the measured person should stay in the measured environment for at least 5 minutes, and the measured temperature should be consistent with the ambient temperature, otherwise the measured result will be affected.
4. The measurement result will be on the low side if fever patients’ forehead sweats, or they had cold compresses and other cooling measures. This should be avoided.
5. Thermometer should be in the environment for 20 minutes.
6. Do not take temperature near direct air conditioning or air flow.
7. Do not use the product in direct sunlight.
8. It is recommended to measure for about 3 times during measurement, and the interval time for each measurement is 3-5 seconds, whichever group of data is displayed the most shall prevail.

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