NHON NH-04 Double-Spring Lap Joint Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper w/Short Handle Jaw 12

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• Made of high quality, stainless steel for ultimate performance
• Designed for trimming cuticles and hangnails
• Features double spring for comfort and ease-of-use
• Short Handle
• Long-lasting
• 12 Jaw (¼ Jaw)

NHON tools are made with the finest stainless steel, hand forged and sharpened to create precision cutting. Super sharp blades, highest-quality springs and best workmanship are trademarks for working with the best tools. Handles are carefully sculpted for a smooth and comfortable grip to fit any size hand. 

Sanitization: All implements must be sanitized in disinfectant solution with a rust inhibitor (recommend ForPro Multi-Cide Disinfectant). Do not use alcohol as it will rust the joints.

Compare to NGHIA C-04.

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