Massage Stone Round Ball

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Pure Himalayan Salt Works Massage Stones are hand-carved in different shapes to offer a variety of spa services.

• Use heated to help reduce stress, tension and loosen sore muscles. 
• Use frozen to help alleviate pain. 
• Use wet as a deodorant bar. 
• Excellent for use with salt and sugar scrubs.

Please see ""Additional Information"" for further details.

How do you heat the stones? 
Any dry heat source: heating pad, toaster oven, light bulb, We do not recommend heating in the microwave or stone warmer.

How do you clean the stones?
Ultimately salt is antimicrobial, and should not require any disinfecting. Since we cannot guarantee this, we recommend cleaning the stones this way:

After each use take a spray bottle and make a solution of thyme and tea tree oil and spray the stones and dry them immediately. At the end of the day, you can take a bottle of warm or hot water and put a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar in it with 10 drops of tea tree oil. Then dip the stone and swish it around. Leave it in a few seconds, but any length of time will cause the stone to disintegrate. Dry the stone immediately, put it back on its heat source to dry and further sanitize.

How long do they last?
The stones last indefinitely, as long as they are kept dry. When exposed to moisture they will pit and sometimes dissolve depending on how much moisture. When they get rough you can sand them with sand paper to smooth them. When used with water for salt scrub and lymphatic drainage, they will need to be replaced from time to time.

Can you use them with lotion or oil?
We do not recommend using with lotion. It is difficult to clean and clogs the salt. We recommend using Jojoba or Coconut oil. These two oils do not get rancid or degrade the salt. Depending on the skin you can use the stones dry as well.

Do you have to heat the stones?
The stones have a therapeutic effect warm or cold. When warmed, the negative ion potential of the stone is ignited.

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