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Manicure Service Step by Steps


Step 1: Nail Polish Removal (if needed)

1. Wash hands with soap and warm water (or massage one pump of ForPro Alcohol-Free Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer into your hands to sanitize) and towel dry.

2. Saturate a Cotton swab or nail wipe (ForPro Premium Nail Wipe recommended) with EMMA Beauty Gold Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover. Place pad on the nail plate and hold for five seconds

3. Use firm pressure along with a circular motion to remove the color from the nail plate.


Step 2: Nail Preparation

1. If necessary, trim the length from each nail using nail clippers.

2. Refine, smooth and shape the free edge of each nail with 240 grit file (ForPro 240g Blue Foam Board or ForPro Fat Buffer recommended.)

3. Apply a small amount of EMMA Beauty Cuticle Zap evenly around the cuticle of each nail.

4. Gently slide a cuticle pusher along the nail plate toward the cuticle area to loosen any non-living tissue from the nail plate.

5. Remove any excess EMMA Beauty Cuticle Zap from the nail and use a curette to remove the cuticle up to the eponychium and lateral edge.

6. Clean with soap and water, rinse and towel dry.

7. Use a manicure nipper to carefully remove any loose pieces of skin or hangnails. Use a gentle touch and never cut skin as it can lead to infection.

8. Gently buff the surface of each nail with the 1200 grit buffer (ForPro Fat 1200g Buffer recommended) in the direction of the natural nail growth.

9. Buff to a high shine with a Nail buffer (ForPro Super Quick Shine Buffer recommended if not applying nail color).10. Double-check for stubborn cuticle and debris by pulling back the lateral folds (sidewalls) of the nails with your fingers and using a curette to gently remove any remnants.


Step 3: Cleanse & Purify

1. Spray or wipe nails with alcohol (EMMA Beauty Scour Nail Antiseptic Spray recommended) to remove dirt and oil while sanitizing nails.

2. Apply EMMA Beauty Grip Nail Dehydrator to dehydrate the nail plate and create the proper pH for optimal adhesion of base coat.


Step 4: Base Coat Application

1. For nails with ridges or slight imperfections in the natural nail, apply Ridge filler (EMMA Beauty Ridge Derm recommended) to resurface the nail plate, smooth out ridges and conceal imperfections.

2. Apply Base Coat (EMMA V.S.N.P.Stuck On You Base Coat recommended) to the free edge and nail surface. Allow to dry.


Step 5: Nail Polish Application

1. Apply Nail Polish (EMMA V.S.N.P. recommended) to the free edge and nail surface.

2. Apply a second thin layer of Nail Polish to the nail surface. The second layer will provide additional coverage and color, refining and perfecting the tiny free margins with each layer.


Step 6: Top Coat Application

1. Apply Top Coat (EMMA V.S.N.P.Top Coat recommended) to the free edge and nail surface. Quickie Top Coat recommended for a fast-drying and perfect, long-lasting shine or Rock Hard Top Coat for a rock-hard, long-lasting, ultimate shine finish. You can also choose a matte top coat (Nonfat Matte Top Coat recommended) for an awesome matte finish.

2. After one minute, spray nails with EMMA Beauty Cheetah Nail Polish Dryer Spray to speed up dry time or use a couple drops of EMMA Beauty Love Drops to set the manicure in seconds or if no dryers are available, wait 5-10 minutes for complete drying of polish.


Step 7: Cuticle Care

As a finishing touch to the manicure, apply manicure oil (EMMA Beauty Drench oil recommended) to the base of the nail plate and surrounding tissue. Rub gently to disperse. EMMA Beauty Drench provides the most intensive cuticle hydration. Softens and restores cuticles and promotes strong nails. Available in original and scented options.


Step 8: Moisturize

Massage a deep penetrating lotion (EMMA Beauty Triple Treat Intensive Moisturizing Cream recommended) into hand and forearm.

For a Deep Moisturizing treatment, wrap with warm towels or apply EMMA Beauty Triple Treat Intensive Moisturizing Cream, EMMA Beauty Whipped Body Butter, EMMA Beauty Massage Oil or EMMA Beauty Luxe Hand & Body Lotion to the palms of your hands and rub them together for 2-5 minutes.


Additional EMMA Beauty At-Home Intensive Treatments:


EMMA Beauty Rejuvenating Cuticle Balm is the answer to dry, chapped cuticles and hang nails.

Renew your cuticles nightly as never before:

  • Contains Vitamins A, D, E and B-Complex to heal, restore and keep cuticles hydrated
  • Soothes instantly and works overnight to prevent cuticles from drying out
  • Keeps hangnails in check, no more clipping needed
  • Helps to make nail plate stronger, reducing splitting and discoloration
  • Non-greasy penetrating formula
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free


EMMA Beauty Intensive Rejuvenating Hand Serum

Is the answer to protecting and renewing one of the body’s most exposed – and often looked at areas, the hands.Hands are constantly at work and exposed to all the natural elements while being susceptible to wrinkles, varicose veins and discoloration. Renew your hands daily as never before:

  • Delicate skin is strengthened and appears instantly luminous and healthy
  • Helps to smooth the look of fine lines
  • Skin’s natural moisture barrier is restored
  • Hands feel and look visibly softer with reduced discoloration
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free


Products Required

ForPro Alcohol-Free Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer and EMMA Beauty Gold Non-Toxic Nail Polish Remover

ForPro Nail Wipes

240 grit file (ForPro Blue Foam Board 240g and ForPro Fat Buffer recommended)

EMMA Beauty Cuticle Zap

Nail Buffer file (ForPro Super Quick Shine Buffer recommended)

EMMA Beauty Scour Nail Antiseptic Spray and EMMA Beauty Grip Nail Dehydrator

EMMA V.S.N.P.Stuck On You Base Coat, EMMA V.S.N.P.Color(s) and EMMA V.S.N.P.Top Coat (Quickie Top Coat, Rock Hard Top Coat or Nonfat Matte Top Coat)

EMMA Beauty Cheetah Nail Polish Dryer Spray (or EMMA Beauty Love Drops)

EMMA Beauty Ridge Derm Ridge Filler

EMMA Beauty Drench

EMMA Beauty Triple Treat Intensive Moisturizing Cream, EMMA Beauty Cuticle Balm and Hand Serum.


Accessories/Equipment Required

Terry hand towels, Nail clippers, Cuticle pusher, Cuticle nippers and Curette