Glybalm 3.38 oz.

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GLYBALM is the miracle skin care product you have been dreaming about and now it’s finally here!

GLYBALM is an advanced humectant that helps draw water into the skin’s outer layer. Contains Allantoin to help protect and soften. Daily use helps skin slough dead skin cells, retain more water, and feel smoother and softer. Promotes cell growth and wound healing. Non-greasy formula penetrates instantly and lasts for hours. For best results, apply to hands, feet and body after washing while the skin is still damp.

GLYBALM is concentrated so only a small amount is needed. Color free; Fragrance free; Preservative free; Gluten free. Made in the U.S.A.

Recommended uses for GLYBALM:
• Dry and cracked elbows, hands and feet
• Dry cuticles
• Apply to hands and feet before going to bed at night
• Apply after hand washing to keep skin protected and moist
• Apply before hands are exposed to chemicals

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Manufacturer TNG Worldwide
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