ForPro Professional Collection ForPro Premium Wet-Laid Non-Woven Epilating Roll 3" W x 50 Yds.

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• Made using fibers that are suspended in water
• Non-woven material is stronger and more effective
• Designed for removing hair and depilatory services
• Can be cut into any size for full body waxing
• 3” W x 50 yds.

ForPro Premium Wet-Laid Non-Woven Epilating Roll is made using polyester fibers that are suspended in water to mimic muslin. This process creates a non-woven material that is stronger yet soft and more effective. The extra-thick fabric grips wax and provides a clean and smooth finish to all areas of the body. Epilating roll is durable and will not separate or tear during use. It is perfect for use with all soft waxes for an optimal hair removal experience.

This product is produced by filtering an aqueous suspension of natural and synthetic fibers. The fibers then go onto a conveyer belt and then are dried and formed into sheets before cutting. This process creates a stronger yet soft material that mimics muslin. 

The Non-Woven Specialists:
Non-woven material is made from polyester and for waxing purposes, mimics muslin and removes wax at a lower cost. There are two processes for making non-woven material suitable for waxing. Only ForPro makes non-woven using both calendaring and wet-laid process.

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