ForPro Hair Jewelry Shear Elegance 6-Count

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• Made from the finest fabric and include ready-made bow
• Gentle and won’t pull, break or crease hair
• Stretchy elastic will not break or tear
• Provides all-day hold of ponytails, braids, and updos
• Color: Shear Elegance
• .75” wide
• 6-count

ForPro Hair Jewelry are made from the finest fabric and include ready-made bow for instant glamour. The stretchy elastic is gentle enough to not pull, break, or crease hair. With selections from plaids to sparkles, there is something to fit every occasion. Designed for all hair lengths and thicknesses.

ForPro Professional Collection features the highest quality, best value, and largest selection for professionals and consumers. All products include 100% unconditional guarantee.

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Manufacturer TNG Worldwide
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