Feather Standard Razor Replacement Blades 10-ct.

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Feather Standard Razor Replacement Blades come in a hands-free safety dispenser. Designed to cut hair in small sections to blend and texture hair. Fits all Feather Styling Razors. 10-ct.

FEATHER has set the standard in manufacturing the sharpest and safest razor cutting blades in the industry. The cutting edge of the FEATHER blade is designed to give you the cutting control you need to be creative. The blade fits snug into the handle and does not chatter or move when cutting. Although surgically sharp, these blades are very safe for you and your client with its patented blade guard, which prevents the guard from moving and exposing the blade. This also prevents hair from clogging between the guard and blade.

Changing the blade is easy and safe. When the blade gets dull, put the blade into the Blade Disposal Case. To replace, slide the handle onto the new blade and remove from the blade dispenser. With the blade changing system, never touch the blade with your fingers. It is completely safe, easy and fast!

For Feather Standard Styling Razor (442220)

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