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ZIP DIP Brush Cleaner .5 Ounces

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• Cleans away any residue powder left over from EMMA Beauty ZIP DIP Powder System
• Restores brushes back to their original state
• .5 ounces

EMMA Beauty ZIP DIP Brush Cleaner cleans away any residue powder left over from EMMA Beauty ZIP DIP Powder System. Restores brushes back to their original state.

To Use: Wipe excess product from brush. Place brush into Brush Cleaner bottle and let sit for 30 minutes. Remove clean brush from bottle and replace cap securely.

Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, MEK, Alcohol.

1. ZIP DIP Removal
• Have client wash their hands with soap and water and towel dry.
• Buff off EMMA ZIP DIP and break seal with a ForPro Zebra Foam Board 180g.
• Apply ForPro Expert Moisturizing Removal Wrap Solution to ForPro Expert Polish Removal Wraps.
• Individually wrap the nails by placing under finger with edge of cotton pad underneath the free edge of nail. Fold the cotton pad over the top of nail. Wrap around the finger, ensuring a snug fit. Squeeze top center of foil together to secure.
• Allow the nails to soak for at least 10 minutes. Optional: To help speed process, wrap each hand in ForPro Cozies Liner and insert into ForPro Premium Heated Beauty Mitts.
• Unwrap first finger and use a ForPro Birchwood Stick to gently push any ZIP DIP product in the direction of the nail plate growth. Be careful not to scrape away the surface layers of the natural nail plate. If product is having difficulty releasing, make sure to soak and rewrap nails for 5 more minutes.
• Repeat this step on each nail until ZIP DIP residue is completely removed.

Note: Removal time may vary based on application (i.e., how thick the product was applied (multiple coats) and the type of powder color used.) Certain powders have heavier pigments. Cold hands, remover solution may also increase the amount of time needed to remove product.

2. Nail Preparation
The key to long wear time. Please read the below steps carefully and follow them thoroughly. Any oil spots or residues left on the nail will cause ZIP DIP to peel off sooner.
• Have client wash their hands with soap and warm water (or massage one pump of ForPro Alcohol-Free Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer onto the client’s hands to sanitize) and towel dry.
• If necessary, trim the length from each nail using nail clippers.
• Refine, smooth and shape the free edge of each nail with the 240g ForPro Blue Foam Board or ForPro Fat Buffer.
• Apply a small amount of EMMA Beauty Cuticle Zap evenly around the cuticle of each nail.
• Gently slide a cuticle pusher along the nail plate toward the cuticle area to loosen any non-living tissue from the nail plate.
• Remove any excess EMMA Beauty Cuticle Zap from the nail and use a curette to remove the cuticle up to the eponychium and lateral edge.
• Clean with soap and water, rinse and towel dry.
• Use a manicure nipper to carefully remove any loose pieces of skin or hangnails. Use a gentle touch and never cut skin as it can lead to infection.

3. Cleanse & Purify
• Apply EMMA Beauty Scour Nail Antiseptic Spray to cleanse nails and cuticles.
• Use pusher to push back pterygium and remove all non-living tissue.
• Buff the natural nail plate using ForPro 240g buffer block to remove shine.
• Remove any dust from the nail surface with ForPro nail wipe saturated with ForPro 70% Alcohol.
• Apply EMMA Beauty Grip Nail Dehydrator to dehydrate the nail plate and create the proper pH for optimal adhesion of base coat.

4. ZIP DIP Application
• Apply ZIP DIP Step 1 Base Coat evenly to one nail and dip in powder using a scooping motion at a 45 degree angle, or pour over nail. Tap the excess powder off the nail. Repeat the same procedure on every nail twice.
• Apply ZIP DIP Step 1 Base Coat evenly to one nail and dip in CLEAR powder using scooping motion at a 45 degree angle, or pour over nail. Tap the excess off the nail. Repeat same procedure on every nail once.
• Apply over powder ZIP DIP Step 2 Activator to all five nails. Allow two minutes to dry.
• Once nails are dry, shape them with ForPro Zebra Foam Board 180g. Once nails are shaped, use ForPro Expert Sponge Board 100/180 to smooth out nails.
• Remove any remaining dust from the entire nail surface using a makeup brush.
• Apply another coat of ZIP DIP Step 2 Activator to all five nails and wait 2 minutes to dry.
• Apply ZIP DIP Step 3 Top Coat to all five nails. Apply thin coat with even and quick brush strokes. Wait 15 seconds and apply a second thin coat, and allow five minutes to dry.
• Repeat the same steps on the second hand.
• When finished, clean brushes used with ZIP DIP Brush Cleaner to sanitize and use products for next client.

5. Cuticle Care
As a finishing touch to the manicure, apply a thin coat of EMMA Beauty Drench to the base of the nail plate and surrounding tissue. Rub gently to disperse. EMMA Beauty Drench provides the most intensive cuticle hydration. Softens and restores cuticles and promotes strong nails. Available in Original and Scented options.

6. Moisturize
Massage EMMA Beauty Triple Treat Intensive Moisturizing Cream into hand and forearm.

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