ForPro Professional Collection ForPro CITRUS-CIDE Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner, 32 Ounces

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• Hospital grade, broad-spectrum disinfectant
• Eliminates odors and leaves a streak-free finish
• Ready-to-use, no mixing required
• Fresh citrus fragrance  
• Good for all uses including:
  • Footbaths
  • Hard surfaces - Countertop, tanning bed, and gym equipment
  • Clippers and trimmer blades
  • Metal implements – Shears and stainless steel implements
  • All other surfaces - Keyboard, door handles, toilet seat, sink, and equipment. Can be used with ForPro Premium PUR Cotton Wipes. Spray on and apply. 
• 32 ounces

ForPro CITRUS-CIDE Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner cleans and deodorizes in one easy step. It is designed to eliminate odors and leave a streak-free finish. The unique formula is ready to use so no mixing is required. Works on all hard, non-porous surfaces as a disinfectant, bactericide, virucide, and fungicide cleaner. Can also be used in footbaths. EPA Registration Number: 10324-85-92221.

For best results, allow treated surfaces to remain wet for 10 minutes and allow air to dry.

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Disinfection/Fungicide/Virucidal* Directions:
Pre-clean heavily soiled areas. Apply this ready-to-use product undiluted to walls, floors and other hard, non-porous surfaces such as Crypton barrier fabric, tables, chairs, countertops, sinks, glazed tile, and glazed porcelain with a brush, cloth, sponge or mechanical spray device so as to thoroughly wet surfaces. If mechanical spray device is used, spray must be coarse. Spray 6-8 inches away from surface. Do not breathe spray. Treated surfaces must remain wet for 10 minutes then let air dry or wipe up excess liquid. Rinse food contact surfaces with water after use. Rinsing is not necessary unless floors are to be coated with finish or restorer. Replace solution if it becomes visibly dry.

This product is not for use on medical device surfaces.


For Disinfecting Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces Against Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus:
For use in homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, and schools. Follow the disinfection directions.

*KILLS HIV, HCV AND HBV ON PRE-CLEANED HARD, NON-POROUS SURFACES/OBJECTS PREVIOUSLY SOILED WITH BLOOD/BODILY FLUIDS in health care settings or other settings in which there is an expected likelihood of soiling of hard, non-porous surfaces/objects with body fluids and in which the surfaces/objects likely to be soiled with blood or bodily fluids can be associated with AIDS (HIV), Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV).

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