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Larry Gaynor — President & CEO

Larry Gaynor — Founder & CEO

LARRY GAYNOR is the founder and CEO of TNG Worldwide. TNG’s bestselling signature brands include ForPro Professional Collection and Ginger Lily Farms. TNG manufactures more than one thousand products in several countries worldwide and launches between fifty and one hundred new products annually. Gaynor has won numerous awards including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award along with more than ten Best Places to Work awards. However, if you ask him what he enjoys most in business, he will tell you, “Kill the competition.” He also loves celebrating success by doing cookouts for the company, taking his employees on mystery trips, and passing out $100 bills throughout the year. Perhaps his greatest accolade is that TNG hasn’t hired a new employee since 2019 and generates well over $1 million in sales per employee.

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