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  1. Wintertime Skin: The Curse & The Cure - What Is The Best Moisturizing Cream For Your Body?

    Born and raised in Michigan, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I mean, who doesn’t love getting free candy and dressing up as your favorite villain, monster or fantasy! 

    However, I have long outgrown trick-or-treating and now Halloween for me starts the season of wintertime skin. Summer and heat do awesome things for your skin due to humidity, vitamin D and hydration. Our skin loves long days and short nights. We are outside and more prone to being in water, wearing sunscreen and being active. 

    The winter months are about short days and long nights, colder weather and being inside 24/7. Even with a humidifier in the home, heat causes dryness to all parts of the body especially hands, nails, and face. It is no wonder that more creams, lotions and moisturizers are purchased during the fall-winter months than any other time... 

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  2. Kudos! Gift & Greeting Card

    Introducing Kudos! Gift & Greeting Cards

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  3. New EMMA Treatments

    Introducing the newest additions to the EMMA Treatment line.

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  4. New EMMA Nonfat Matte Top Coat

    Introducing the newest addition to the EMMA line, the Nonfat Matte Top Coat.

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  5. New EMMA Products!

    Introducing the innovative EMMA Genius Rechargeable LED Lamp and brand new EMMA Nail Treatments!

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  6. Freedom Fizzy Bomb

    Introducing the Freedom Bath Fizzy Bomb by Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals. This fizzy bomb is featured as part of the Luxury Collection!

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  7. EMMA Duos are Here!

    EMMA is the next generation of nail polish! EMMA V.S.N.P stands for “Very Special Nail Polish”. What makes EMMA so special you ask?

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  8. Essential Oils for Allergy Relief!

    If allergies were controllable, chances are they would cease to exist! While this is a dream of many, there are things that you can do the help manage them naturally...

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  9. Beauty Mask Works 24K Gold Intensive Collagen Lip Mask

    Beauty Mask Works 24K Gold Intensive Collagen Lip Mask

    Gold Mask Benefits

    Is all the hype over gold infused skincare really worth it? Let’s be honest, gold skincare just looks pretty, luxurious, and luminous but is it beneficial?

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  10. Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Fizzy Bombs

    Ginger Lily Farms Botanicals Fizzy Bombs

    Why are Fizzy Bombs so popular?

    Fizzy bombs, or bath bombs, have grown in popularity as of lately because of the interest for natural and organic....

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