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About Us

Let us help you with all your paraffin needs.

Started in 1985 with an 8’ counter inside his discount beauty store Larry Gaynor, President & CEO of TNG Worldwide has grown TNG to be a major manufacturer and distributor in the beauty industry. Larry always had a passion for what women wanted and then set out to create those products.

With beauty products becoming more esoteric, Larry set out to launch an incubator of companies focused on innovation and creativity to further enhance beauty in women’s lives: Hence the collection of ‘Works’ companies. Each Works company is focused on a specific beauty category that blends the best of professional and consumer interests. Larry made sure the Works products were affordable and the best quality before launching. Hence you will find Works products used and sold in the finest salons and spas along with beauty retailers.

Paraffin Wax Works was created for baby-boomers looking to take better care of their aging and dry hands and feet. Paraffin is wholesome and especially good for those with arthritis and weak blood circulation. All women (and even men) love the instant deep moisturization. Just after one use your hands and feet feel better. For the best therapeutic benefit, use paraffin weekly.

All Paraffin Wax Works products feature a 100% unconditional guarantee. If for any reason you do not thoroughly enjoy our products, please contact us for a full refund.

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